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Lisa Tumlin’s entrepreneurial journey began long before she even knew it had started.

With over 25 years experience in HIV care, the problem she saw most often was that patients were in need of housing due to the many life changing events and challenges they face. Her idea for The Springs House of Hope, a nonprofit that will provide transitional housing to HIV+ women in Chattanooga, was conceived back in the 1990s while she worked at an HIV clinic. It took 12 years and a particularly inspirational sermon for her to take a leap of faith and get to the next step.

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Donations sought for new transitional home for HIV-positive women


News Channel 9: 

Chattanooga woman fulfills dream to open shelter

Local entrepreneur Lisa Tumlin is opening a transitional home for HIV-positive women, and she's looking for a last few donations before women start moving in next week. 

"I'm trying to supply everything and I'm paying the rent," she said. 

Although she has gotten a lot of what she needs, such as linens and beds, she's still in need of a kitchen table, computer and washer/dryer—which can be used, she said. She's also hoping for supplemental food/pantry items and household goods, such as laundry and dishwashing detergents. 

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All Lisa Tumlin ever wanted to do was help people. As a teenager, she volunteered at local hospitals as a Candy Striper and continued her work in the medical field.

Sixteen years ago, while working for the Chattanooga Primary Care Clinic, Tumlin saw a hole in Chattanooga's medical care.  "I saw a need for women that needed somewhere to go that were HIV positive," Tumlin told NewsChannel 9.

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